Sunday, 4 November 2012

Little things Music Video is OUT!!!!

Little Things music video is out! it was released on youtube via vevo on 2nd November 12:06pm (WIB). i was one of directioner who doesnt sleep that time only for little things mv. before it was release on youtube, a cuple minutes before, it has been played on chart UK. Most of UK directioner watch the MV there. firstly, i cant watch it on youtube directly. it wont come out. i thought VEVO management were late, but actually theyre not. only person with 'the link' can watch it. so, i open my twitter and find out 'the link' and finally i can watch it. this is their 2nd accoustic video. the first time i saw it, i was like.. i wanna cry. it touch heart deeply. srsly! anyway, theyve done something good, theyve work hard and now they deserve yo get the best!
so this is the video. check this out! xx

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