Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Skandar Keynes

Who is this guy? truely, does anyone know who is this freakin handsome boy?
He's Skandar Amin Casper Keynes. In short, we could call him skandar or scabby or poppscab ( some of his friend call him that name). Did you know Charles Darwin? Yup, Skandar is one if his grandson. Cool, innit? He was one of narnian cast on Narnia LWW, PC and VDT. He played there as Edmund Pevensie or King Edmund. And you know what? I.m one of his big big big fan so much. shortly, i'm Skandarian! and I'm so proud to be one of his fans! Why? because he's truely care bout his fans. Though he doesn't really like a crazy fans who yell on him.
He's my inspiration too!! He's studying at Cambridge University. THE FIRST Uiversity in the world. OMG, that was SO COOL! Skan, you're truely a gooooodddddd man, mate! And i'm also tryin hard to get in cambridge too. first because i love england and i wanna live there and also because maybe i could see him there, or probably make a friend with him hehe. although maybe he already graduated when i was in cambridge.

Did you ever think to send a letter tou your idol? I do, i ever think to sent Skandar a letter. and you know what? He replied that! wow! that was truely make me feel so excited. I can's speak at all. SPEECHLESS. Just beacuse of a letter back from him, i can't speak well. crazy, huh? i know but, if you ever got this freakin awesome experience, i think you should do the same lol. xx
This is the picture with his sign to me xx

when he was a child x

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